Get out of pain and feel physically better

Vitality Method_Jana Shirley Interview Image

Pilates teacher and massage therapist Jana Shirley has been on a roller coaster ride ensuring that her clients have been able to maintain a pain free lifestyle without physical contact through the lockdowns.

Understanding anxiety helps you to manage it

Understanding anxiety helps you to manage it_choose happy dolphin

We’ve had plenty to be anxious about: going into and coming out of lockdown, real vs fake news, isolation and all the unknowns of Coronavirus. Understanding what causes anxiety helps you to manage it.

Winter Friends

LCC Winter Friends_Winter and beyond

‘Winter Friends’ encourages people to extend support into warmer months.
Kind-spirited people across Leeds are being encouraged to look out for the vulnerable in their communities even as the weather warms up and government restrictions ease.

Meanwood Valley Rangers

Meanwood Valley Volunteer rangers

Volunteers welcomed by the Meanwood Valley Rangers. Volunteers can help to improve and maintain habitats for wildlife, carrying out a range of different tasks from litter picking, scrub control, invasive plant species control, hedge laying, dead hedging, woodland management (coppicing, tree planting, willow pollarding and tree seed gathering) to scything and wildlife surveys. Along with site repairs and public rights of way work, footpath and drainage repairs.