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Ethernet Flex in Yorkshire – It’s about time… (saved!)

Everything Voice delivering higher speeds at lower costs with Ethernet Flex as Yorkshire’s City Champion!

You may have heard Full Fibre represents as big a step-change as the introduction of ‘broadband’ back in the early 2000s, providing higher speeds and better reliability to businesses across the country! But Full Fibre isn’t available in most of Yorkshire yet.

For years, Yorkshire businesses have been held back by low-speed broadband, unable to compete with those that can already take advantage of Full Fibre! Plus, Full Fibre (Sometimes called Leased Line) gets quite expensive as the required bandwidth increases!

That’s why we’re spreading the message about Ethernet Flex, and how it provides the same speeds as Full Fibres, when you need it, without costing an arm and a leg…

Ethernet Flex provides 200Mbps every day, but whenever you need a boost, it flexes up to a blistering 1Gbps – The highest Full Fibre speeds currently available – at no extra cost!

That means time saved every day, whatever you’re doing, plus it’s future-proof past the 2025 Switch Off…

To learn more about the 2025 Switch Off, Ethernet Flex and Everything Voice – Check out our website, and our super-simple Postcode Checker to see if Ethernet Flex is available at your premises! 


Phone: 0330 055 3570

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