Prestons Kitchens

Prestons Kitchens

Prestons Kitchens

real homes, real kitchens, realistic prices…

Every kitchen is unique because every customer is unique. But one thing stays the same when you buy from Prestons. We always show real prices with no hidden extras. Other suppliers may not include appliances, worktops and installation in their website prices but we always do. We include installation for one other reason too – because our service is hassle-free.

You won’t need to look around to find someone to install a Prestons kitchen. We do that for you. It’s part of the price. You won’t need to store your kitchen in your garage while you wait for an installer. Our installers will be there to start fitting your new kitchen as it’s delivered.

And with Prestons, there’s no blame game. You won’t get caught between a supplier and an installer if something isn’t right, with each blaming the other. On the rare occasion when something isn’t quite right with us, we’ll sort it as we designed it, delivered it and installed it.

If that sounds too good to be true, check out our Trustpilot reviews.

No hassle. No hidden extras. That’s the Prestons promise.

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