Dress with confidence

Dress with Confidence

Dress with Confidence

Do you feel like you’ve lost your sense of style since lockdown began?

Living in slippers and loungewear for what seems like 8747 years. If you’ve been working from home, you’re more acquainted with Zoom than some family members and dressing from the waist up is a breeze!
Thoughts are now forming about what you’re going to wear post lockdown and if what you’ve got will still fit.

Our sense of styles have definitely changed but it’s difficult to know if we’ll ever go back to pre 2020 dressing. Here’s some tips from me to help you emerge with confidence when lockdown lifts and give you a little boost to break the boredom.

Comfortable and stylish
Who would have thought we would have embraced the elasticated waistband in quite the way we have in 2020! But, they aren’t just for joggers! Think wide leg trousers which can be styled up and down. Dress up with a formal or dressier top for your zoom days. Or with a blazer for the office. Dress down with a pair of trainers or pumps and a T-shirt or dress up with wedges or heels for dinner or date night.
Jeggings are also a great alternative. Not as constricting as jeans or as baggy as leggings but they tend to look smarter and come in a wider selection of colours.

Jeans and denim
Speaking of jeans, if they don’t feel quite so comfy or a little tighter then a more relaxed fit might suit you better. Take care with the style and shape. If they’re too loose and wide they can add pounds to your frame which isn’t so welcome if you’ve gained some lockdown curves.

When was the last time you wore them? Perhaps you’re even worried if you’ll manage to walk in them ever again! A block heel, wedge or platform sole can be more supportive for the ankles if you’re in need of or missing some height.

How many of you have barely worn a pair of earrings let alone necklaces or bangles?! A simple chain, bracelet, pair of earrings or even a scarf can completely transform an outfit. You’ll feel more polished and fully dressed when you add accessories so it will instantly provide the update you need.
Accessories are also a great and inexpensive way to instantly update an older outfit.

Wearing colour
The immediate boost to my mood when I wear something colourful or brighter is just so powerful. If you’re not used to wearing colour, or you’ve found yourself trapped in a sea of black, grey and navy then it’s time to switch things up. Colour will be everywhere in the coming months. The new season inspired by nature so expect to see an abundance of colour!
Check your wardrobe for colours you’ve not been wearing and give them a go! There’s an array of colours and shades available so don’t think that you can’t wear a certain colour. If you’ve found it’s not been right for you in the past, it’s likely to be the specific shade, depth or tone of the colour (think khaki green versus mint green) and if you think you’d benefit from knowing what shades of colour complement you the best and how to wear them, a colour analysis would help.

Wardrobe audit
We tend to accumulate things over time and not everyone is strict enough to follow a one in, one out process! If you get to the point where you don’t know what you’ve got, can’t see or move the hangers, then it’s time to declutter. What you can’t see, you won’t wear, avoid being overwhelmed by decluttering your wardrobes, shelves and drawers in manageable chunks. One thing at a time is far better and easier.

We’ve all had those items that you go to put them on and remember that the reason you’re not wearing them is because the button has fallen off or the hem has come down. Don’t hang them back up and close the door! If you make the repairs then you’ve gained an additional garment which you can continue to wear. If you’re not going to wear it, or the damage is too great then my advice is to cut your losses. (But don’t send it to landfill).

It’s very easy to be swayed by the sales and savings but it’s worth remembering that every item reduced is because it wasn’t sold at full price! Make a list of items that you really need in your wardrobe and stick to it. Always see what you’ve got in your wardrobe – you don’t have to buy new, it’s about knowing what works for you and having a clothes that do that so you’ll wear them. If you need any help, get in touch.

Toni Carver, TLC Style & Colour

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