Eva Proudman Leeds Clinic

Eva Proudman Leeds Clinic

Eva Proudman Leeds Clinic

Consultant Trichologist, Eva Proudman FIT IAT is launching her first clinic, in partnership with The Tower Clinic (8 Tinshill Lane, LS16 7AP) on Monday 8th July.

Eva has been working for over twenty years as an expert in hair and scalp health, becoming one of the UK’s most recognised and respected Consultant Trichologists. She practises across a network of six clinics – and due to popular demand (largely from her online community) Eva is thrilled to be holding her first regular clinic in the North of England, here in Leeds!

“If you have any concerns about hair loss (male or female pattern), alopecia, thinning or shedding (perhaps associated with menopause or pregnancy) or any number of scalp conditions causing irritation or flakiness (from dandruff to dermatitis and psoriasis) just call my team for an initial chat and we’ll get you booked in.
“Our hair is our “crowning glory” but any problems can cause great anxiety and emotional distress. So please don’t suffer in silence – I’m here to help.”

“I’m committed to sharing advice and tips on my social media, giving people the confidence to try ‘at home’ self-care through diet and lifestyle changes as well as signposting them to recommended products and supplements that I know will help.

“But so often a one-to-one appointment is necessary as hair loss conditions can be complex, requiring thorough assessment and a ‘personal touch’ It’s so important to get to know my patients and gain a better understanding of any other underlying factors.”

Eva Proudman FIT IAT

An initial 1-1 consultation with Eva lasts about 45 -60 minutes. Eva will take a full background history (medical, dietary and lifestyle) and carry out a thorough examination of the hair and scalp. A diagnosis, prognosis and all treatment options will be discussed – as will the need for any potential follow up investigations, such as blood tests, to get to the root of the problem.

To book a consultation with Eva at The Tower Clinic, please call us on 01788 819325 (9-5 Monday to Friday) or email at [email protected]

“I came to see Eva because I had really bad Psoriasis on my scalp, the steroid lotion from my GP wasn’t really having any effect. Eva examined me and told me that it wasn’t Psoriasis it was a different condition and that with treatment it could be cleared up and managed. The treatments really worked and took away the unsightly scale and terrible itching. Eva recommended a treatment shampoo that has really helped as well, and I am delighted to say that I have kept a clear scalp for the past 6 months.”

Scalp Psoriasis Client

Eva Proudman Leeds Clinic

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