Leeds Veg Box

Leeds Veg Box

Leeds Veg Box is all about providing seasonal, local and sustainably sourced produce.

In the growing season we plan veg boxes for you which are full of UK veg, this will include veg grown right here in Leeds. There will also be plenty of options to add seasonal extras from local farms as well as Leeds baked bread and coffee roasted in Leeds.

In the cooler months I’ll help you eat sustainably by sourcing veg from across the UK and Europe with my no fly policy. You can enjoy top quality organic fruit and veg knowing it’s sourced sustainably, seasonal and in turn doesn’t need to be clad in plastic to keep fresh! 

The business has grown out of the idea that we all should be able to enjoy locally sourced veg with the convenience of a supermarket home delivery. 

My business lets local growers concentrate on what they do best, growing, whilst I handle getting it to you! 

If you’d like to ask any questions feel free to contact us [email protected]

Order your first veg box online now:

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