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 receive quite a few comments and messages regarding articles included in this mag. This one really piqued my interest and I hope it does for you too.

The final update on Declan’s bike trip from the top of the world took him through Baja California and an area called Ensenada. This area is well known to some more local Moortown residents Jane and Anthony Pollard who have visited many times. Jane and Anthony’s daughter and Mexican husband Ivan live in Ensenada and work for a charitable organisation called Youth With A Mission. 

“The people are friendly, the food is tasty, the sights are incredible and yet the poverty is extreme. Many families and individuals travel north from other regions in the Baja and beyond with the aim of setting up home in the USA for a better life. Unfortunately, most of them don’t make it and so try to settle in Ensenada and the outskirts, building makeshift houses and caring for their families the best they can.”

M10 Missions

Over the last 10 years (excepting Covid) they have taken over 350 young people from the Northeast of England to help build homes in Ensenada organised by M10 Missions. The volunteers build and give the key to the door of a new home to a family who live in the most appalling conditions. For the children of the family, it’s life changing, they no longer live on a dirt floor, have less illness (missing less schooling), they have a table to do homework on and a proper bed to sleep on. For the volunteers this is emotionally life-changing to see, returning to the UK with a completely different perspective on their own lives and the world they live in.

As well as the house build, they take part in a wide range of outreach community projects.
The volunteers raise their own funds for the trip which includes air fares, board and lodging plus the cost of the house build itself, and if there is any spare money furniture for the interior too. Volunteers are encouraged to fundraise for themselves with supportive training sessions where lots of ideas are shared on how to do this. Preliminary online meetings are taking place for parents and students and booking is now open for the 2023 trip.

“Genuinely the most rewarding experience of my life. I’m so fortunate that I was able to become a part of something bigger than myself with the help of M10.”

Chesley – Volunteer

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You can get involved:

Find out more on a trip information evening (online):

2023 Trip dates – 28th July – 7th August

Volunteers must be 16+
Leaders 18+

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