linkedin for graduates and teenagers

linkedin for graduates and teenagers

A new era is approaching for hundreds of thousands of teens across the UK. The start of their working life.

Whether it be a new job, work experience, or starting life as an entrepreneur, it all amounts to one thing – being seen for the right reasons in a digital world!

Which is why understanding how LinkedIn works in a teenager’s world is paramount.

parents of teenagers, this is for you

Creating a digital profile, engaging with prospects and employers, building confidence, and uploading content might seem like a big task, but don’t worry.

Our resident LinkedIn expert, Mike Roberts, along with Clare Ford, Academic Coach and Teen Mentor, have created an amazing online and on demand course for teens (and parents) to skyrocket career success!

With the right training the posts you put on LinkedIn could secure your next job application or bring your ideal job opportunity to you.

LinkedIn doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. This seven-module course is available with a huge discount for THAT LEEDS MAG readers! Use code TLM50 for 50% off.

One of Mike’s power affirmations in Making Digital Real is that with LinkedIn, any teenager can get a head start on making a name for themselves.

how mike roberts can help

“It goes without saying that building a great reputation, maintaining a portfolio, and participating in a community of professionals are the cornerstones of career success.

I’ve always had a love hate relationship with social media – in the sense that if I put my energy in to something, what is it that I’m working towards and getting out?

I spend a good amount of time on LinkedIn each week – creating content and highlighting mine and other’s achievements that will get me seen, noticed, and remembered – for all the RIGHT reasons!

I love sharing this learnt knowledge and helping the next generation to get their profile looking professional with tips and advice which are easy to digest.

Grab your previous editions of THAT LEEDS MAG or go click here to see some of my free tips for visibility on LinkedIn.

My goal is to highlight the values of professional social networking to youngsters so that they can catapult themselves into their dream jobs and understand the power of innovation in this incredible new digital business world without the restrictions that many of my generation had.

It is important to remember that any content that is put onto social platforms or the internet e.g. LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter etc. can and probably will be viewed by potential employers when they consider someone for a role.

It is always worth taking the time to clean-up your online presence when trying to land your dream job, plus, ensure that recent posts are relevant to chosen careers or hobbies (which may also be mentioned on CV’s).

Consider any online presence as part of your CV.”
Mike Roberts


Header photo credit: William Fortunato

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