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Mike runs a software company providing email encryption and electronic signature software to businesses across the world, and generates all of his business from LinkedIn.

He will be providing some great tips, tricks, strategies and advice to improve performance on LinkedIn, If you are looking to grow your business or improve your appearance for employment, try these tips yourself.

use the tools provided by linkedin to your advantage

let’s focus on linkedin showcase pages

Have you ever created a post on LinkedIn, and been incredibly frustrated with the lack of views or reach the post gets?
There’s many reasons why this happens, and I’ll save my algorithm piece for another time, but tagging in your web page or external link to your product or service really is a no no when it comes to the LinkedIn algorithm.

linkedin showcase page setup

If you want to highlight your product, service, or even an upcoming event, this is where SHOWCASE PAGES come in!

You might have a LinkedIn Profile Page. Some of us have Company Pages too, but did you know you can also create unlimited Showcase Pages from your Company Page?

These pages can be tagged in to your posts, giving your audience a direct link to learn more about the product or service, and guess what…. the algorithm will love you for it. Because, you’re NOT taking the audience away from LinkedIn.

When they land on your Showcase Page, NOW is the chance to lead them down a sales/marketing funnel with your eye catching brand, headline, plus, a customisable blue button to take them STRAIGHT to your offer! Showcase Pages are different to Company Pages as they do not run sidebars down the right hand side of the page.

This means that there will be no competitor advertisements directing your readers to other websites, as there are inside your Company Page! A real bonus!

Showcase Pages also offer analytics information, the same as a Company Page. You can see which posts are working the best with the greatest engagement, then you can work to replicate that content across other pages and channels too.

linkedin showcase page example
Showcase page example
linkedin showcase page analytics
Showcase page analytics example

Why not give a Linkedin Showcase page a try yourself?

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