Making Leeds a Women Friendly City

Making Leeds a Women Friendly City

Making Leeds a Women Friendly City

Women Friendly Leeds (WFL) run a variety of campaigns and events to empower women in areas such as safety, employability, well-being. Encouraging women to be part of active change in the city by getting involved with the Women’s Hubs, being an ambassador, or getting involved with our campaigns and events.

In September 2021 WFL ran a safety survey which was completed by 1,371 women; it provides a powerful insight into the experience of women in Leeds. It shows that almost two-thirds of women feel unsafe when out and about in Leeds after dark with half ‘always’ or ‘often’ feeling unsafe in the city centre at night.

A massive 97% believe that ‘being a woman’ affects their personal safety in Leeds and 81% identify men’s behaviour towards women as a major reason that they feel unsafe. You can read the full survey report here:

helping to make leeds the 1st women friendly city in the uk

leeds women friendly bus

Following the success of WOMEN’S NIGHT SAFE SPACE trial in March 2022 the bus will be returning this winter to Dortmund Square from 9pm-2am.

This non-judgemental safe space is for women who are on a night out if they feel concerned, unwell, vulnerable, unsafe or for any reason.

They also have mobile phone charging facilities, water and most importantly a friendly face who can help you with your concerns.

speak-up campaign

Speak Up event square 800

Throughout October 2022 supporters of the WFL movement have been meeting with artists from Leeds Beckett University to create activist art to highlight some of the issues affecting women’s safety in Leeds.

They would love to share this with you. All are welcome at the ‘Speak Up! on Women’s Safety’ exhibition. Shining a light on women’s safety in Leeds, and empowering women to use their voices to share concerns, experiences, and feelings around women’s safety in the city.

The event will also include a Q+A with Detective Superintendent Lee Berry, who is the strategic lead for the Violence Against Women and Girls Unit at West Yorkshire Police. The Q+A provides women an opportunity to speak about their concerns and help us make Leeds a safer city for women.

The event is organised by Women Friendly Leeds and Women’s Lives Leeds. Women’s Lives Leeds is a partnership of 12 organisations that provide support services for women and girls across the city. The Women’s Lives Leeds alliance runs several projects aiming to empower women in Leeds, including ‘Leeds Women’s Hubs’, which are a collection of hubs that meet regularly to give women an opportunity to use their voices to influence change in the city.

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