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Meanwood Hardware

"I'll have a large washing-up liquid"

(Arkwright) “I think I’ll join you.”

The goings on at Arkwright’s in Meanwood have been the height of conversation locally, especially when for a brief time they became known as Polly’s Hardware (and may forever be known as Polly’s by many locals, Polly is a local cat). Let’s face it, whatever we call the store, it is and may it forever be the bustling heart of Meanwood.

From sledgehammers to shoelaces their wide product range must be seen to believed.

Towards the end of a hard day’s work in the garden, last September, and honestly feeling quite fed up, the need for a stiff brush finally takes me to Meanwood Hardware. I’m met by the now familiar smiling face of Elaine and directed to every type of brush I could possibly ever have need for (I’m not kidding)! A jovial conversation, mostly about Polly’s antics, and a few quid lighter (less than I’d expected to pay) I’m on my way home with a bit of a skip in my step to tidy up at home with the perfect brush for the job.

Fobis of Meanwood

Not being from Leeds originally, I can’t tell you much about the history of the store, Elaine tells me it used to be called Fobi’s and opened in the 90s, I found this photo online which many of you may remember. Along with a sign for ‘the old Asda’. For a longtime I couldn’t understand why the Meanwood Matters Facebook Group had a constant mention of ‘the old Asda’. I suppose I know now.

I think the community as a whole were a little shocked when Arkwright’s went up for sale in 2022. And then very relieved to see that local Lesley Allsop and her son Peter were taking it over, keeping all the great staff and not making any drastic changes.

In Meanwood Hardware you will find tools, electrical, plumbing, gardening, decorating supplies and so much more. Plus, services such as key-cutting, dog tag engraving and local compost delivery. I’m pretty sure you could ask for anything and the staff would do their best to help you.

Locals of Meanwood often just pop in for a sit down and a natter, a cuddle with Polly or to get out of the sun/rain.


New owners – Lesley Allsop and Peter Allsop

Meanwood MAkes

One change, which I think is wonderful is the addition of ‘Meanwood Makes’ a space for local artists and makers to sell their wares. Find it in the corner next to St Gemma’s Hospice charity shop (‘the old Asda’). They currently have so many wonderful gift ideas – photographs, handmade housewares, jewellery, locally sourced jams, jellies, cordials, terrariums, potted plants, macrame, embroidery as well as cards for every occasion.

If you are, or know any artists or makers in Meanwood that would like to help fill the last bits of shelf space, there’s details in the shop and any of the staff will be happy to give you more information. The next time you visit the monthly Meanwood Farmers Market right outside (10.30am – 2pm) why not pop in yourself and have a look around. The market is held on the third Saturday of each month. Find the next dates here: Leeds-community-markets

Your home improvement projects don’t have to be hard with the friendly and extremely helpful service and knowledgeable advice available at Meanwood Hardware.

Visit the store

44-50 Green Rd, Meanwood, Leeds LS6 4JP

Tel: 0113 230 6366
Email: [email protected]

Not quite open all hours, but they are open every day:
Monday – Saturday 9am – 5pm
Sunday – 10am – 4pm

polly arkwrights

This article would not be complete without a picture of Polly.

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