My skills are not redundant!

I’ve worked super hard to become a brilliant Graphic Designer with over 20 years hands on branding experience. With the current climate and what feels like 10 jobs per 1000 applicants, I’ll admit that I’m struggling to compete. I am not a shouty go-getter but a hard-working, methodical thinker. During my time on furlough and lockdown and now redundancy I have built a hair salon website and a whole new brand, product line and E-commerce website for Belinda Mindset. I have loved it. But, what’s next?

I will start up THAT LEEDS MAG. I will employ myself. Producing the work over lockdown has given me the confidence to say, I am a great Graphic Designer. I can help your business by building on your brand to make it stand out and grow. I will be your cheerleader, providing you affordable printed and online tools to show-off how brilliant you and your business are. Turning your followers into fans that are trusting and loyal. With the ‘MY NEIGHBOUR DOES THAT’ slogan, we can all help each other.

I’ve already got some excellent articles and advertorials coming together which I’m really excited to share. Plus advertisers are loving the all round great service I provide.

Being passionate about great design I love to talk about branding and marketing ideas. A strong brand is super important as it not only shows your customers how professional you are, but it also gives you something to be proud of. This makes you more confident in the marketplace.

If you are unsure of the direction you should be taking with your business branding and/or  marketing – get in touch. I am happy to share openly the knowledge I have gained over 20 years in the industry and create you an outstanding advert for THAT LEEDS MAG.

Has lockdown brought out the creative in you?

Are you starting up a new business doing what you love?

An advert in THAT LEEDS MAG will help you and your business get recognised and remembered locally. 

Even better, get in touch and we can tell your story. How’s your new businesses growing in these trying times?

Let’s make a connection and work together to make something fantastic.

Deby Jackson

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