Pioneering Green Arts in West Yorkshire

Discover a greener path with Sustainable Arts in Leeds (SAIL), a non-profit group focused on making the creative and cultural scene in West Yorkshire more environmentally friendly. Since 2018, SAIL has been leading the way, blending eco-friendly practices into the heart of art and culture.

The idea of being environmentally sustainable might seem overwhelming, especially in fields not known for green habits. But SAIL is here to simplify things, offering clear guidance and support to arts and culture groups. They believe everyone should have a shot at sustainability, whether just starting to think about their impact or already on the green track.

SAIL’s main mission is to help organisations understand and reduce their carbon footprint – the total greenhouse gases they produce. They guide these groups in practical ways to cut emissions, working towards a future where the amount emitted equals what’s removed from the atmosphere.
SAIL’s influence began in Leeds and now stretches across West Yorkshire, supporting various organisations in performing arts, music, visual arts, film and TV, gaming, and more.

Education is key for SAIL. They provide knowledge and tools through workshops and training programmes, including accredited Carbon Literacy Training. Their goal is to show why sustainability matters and how it can become part of everyday creative and cultural practices. SAIL also works closely with the education sector, ensuring the next generation understands sustainability.

Looking forward, SAIL is committed to growing its impact. They continue to seek new partnerships to embed sustainability further into West Yorkshire’s cultural scene. With a track record and a growing network of partners, SAIL is excited about bringing even more positive changes to the arts and culture sector.
If you’re part of the creative industries and want to contribute to a sustainable future, SAIL encourages you to join. Membership is free, and it’s a significant step towards creating a zero-carbon, zero-waste future for our creative and cultural industries. Let’s build a sustainable legacy together.

“I started Sustainable arts in Leeds to provide support for West Yorkshire creatives and the cultural scene to become more environmentally sustainable. alongside Phil Holdgate from ITV as we both felt that uniting the creative and cultural sectors to tackle the climate emergency would achieve more than if we all tried to do our bit alone”

Jamie Saye, SAIL

Upcoming member meetings and training courses can be found on the SAIL website.

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“SAIL have been instrumental in helping Opera North tackle environmental sustainability challenges, by delivering Carbon Literacy Training to our staff, helping us to understand and visualise our energy impact, and working with us to navigate the Theatre Green Book. Their understanding of the challenges facing the sector, as well as local solutions makes them a valuable asset in the region.”

Richard Ashton, Opera North

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