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Shout Aloud

fadilla in bali

Fadilla in Bali

fadilla and suzie hamlin in bali

Fadilla and Suzie Hamlin in Bali

In 2019 Suzie Hamlin could never have known that walking into a jewellery store in Bali would change her life forever. Not just her life, the lives of a talented Balinese lady and her family and countless people in the UK.

Suzie first met Fadilla when doing some tourist shopping, she was picking up gifts for family and friends and bought quite a bit of the beautiful handmade jewellery on display. It wasn’t until coming back to the UK that she realised the uniqueness of the products and wondered if there was a way to help Fadilla’s family at the same time as supporting charities at home.

Suzie provides support for a friend in Leeds with dissociative identity disorder (DID), this is a severe mental disability which requires long-term therapy. Often the care for her and similar women is far too complex for mainstream services.

The Shout Aloud brand was born, all profit raised through the sales of the jewellery supports the Heart4Truth charity. Find out more:

Suzie chose to give to H4T because they know and work with many women across the nation who have DID and need long-term therapy from a Psychotherapist. She felt that this was a wonderful way to support them and the best way to direct the money to them.

shout aloud jewellery
shout aloud jewellery

“I wanted to find a way to make a real difference to women in the UK with DID. The jewellery idea came to me and refused to go away. The Shout Aloud brand name was decided as the chunky, funky jewellery makes a bold design statement and I felt that wearing it boosts confidence. My daughter Nell designed the logo while I was re-visiting Bali and we loved it so much we had to use it.” Suzie

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