7 seconds to grab attention

7 seconds to grab attention

Welcome to our resident LinkedIn expert, Mike Roberts….

Mike runs a software company providing email encryption and electronic signature software to businesses across the world, and generates all of his business from LinkedIn.

He will be providing some great tips, tricks, strategies and advice to improve performance on LinkedIn, If you are looking to grow your business or improve your appearance for employment, try these tips yourself.

let's focus on the banner


Located at the top of your LinkedIn profile, behind your profile picture, is your very own LinkedIn banner. This is your opportunity to stand out with visual impact.

The banner is the first thing your audience sees when viewing your profile, so it makes sense to ensure that you make the most of this opportunity.

You have 7 SECONDS to grab their attention!

As standard, LinkedIn provides you with a standard plain blue banner. Many users don’t realise that this background can be personalised.


This is your first (and possibly last) chance to capture your audience and tell them about you, what problems you solve for your clients and highlight your personal brand!

Remember to go with 3 simple rules with your banner –

  1. Make it visually appealing with your branding colours/design.
  2. Make sure you use some type of text.
  3. Typography to state specifically what problem you solve for your clients, and also visualise the problem you solve. Once you have this done, you’re on to a winner!


Be careful not to waste the space with images that have no value or message.

Make sure your banner works with both desktop and mobile versions, your banner should not become obstructed by your profile photo.

When designing your banner image (I use Canva, which is fantastic) test it and change it until you reach the desired outcome.

design elements of the linkedin banner 1500
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To speak with Mike Roberts directly about your LinkedIn strategy, connect on LinkedIn, or visit:

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