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buy nowt ls6

Are you sick of single use purchases?
Do you need a mallet or disco ball, but will probably only use it once?
Then what, it lives in your garage with tons of other tools and items that you only ever needed for that one project or event.
At Buy Nowt LS6 they are tackling this issue with a library of things.

It’s like a normal library but with items instead of books. They have loads of useful items available to borrow from DIY tools, camping gear, costumes, gardening tools to arts and crafts, board games to cooking equipment.

Everything in the library has been donated by the lovely local community and can be borrowed by creating a membership online or pop in to visit us when we are open, remember to bring some ID with you. All memberships and loans are pay as you feel and are open to anyone in the LS6 community (E.g. live, work, study, worship, volunteer in LS6 etc). Buy Nowt LS6 are a not for profit CIC, 100% volunteer ran with any money received supporting the running of the library.

An update from Buy Nowt LS6 - 2022

Buy Nowt LS6 – Library of Things is growing fast, now stocking some really exiting items to brighten up your weekends and days off work.

A Hey Neighbours Grant to help communities get together (From Forum Central Leeds) provided the funds to purchase a dehydrator, karaoke machine, projector and projector screen, pizza oven, badge maker, PA system and gazebo. All stuff to help communities get together and do fun stuff more easily.

Are these things you have thought of buying for a one off party? Well now you don’t have to, you can borrow them at a fraction of the cost.

Do you need a PA system for a street party for the Queen’s Jubilee?
A karaoke machine or movie projector screen for a children’s party?
Metal detector for a scavenger trip to the beach?
Does your garden need a tidy up? They can provide the tools which make heavy gardening much, much easier.
Thinking of doing some decorating? They’ve got you covered for this too, with 244 DIY items listed on the website, including 2 wall paper steamers.

Come to the library and plan your summer weekends with equipment that may have previously been outside your financial budget.

In 6 months they’ve provided over 500 loans and have nearly 1,000 members. Saving members at least £10,000 and 10 tonnes of carbon from going into the atmosphere.

If you have an item in your garage or under-stairs cupboard that you have not used for ages, why not pop it into Buy Nowt LS6 so someone else in the community can use it instead of buying new again and again and again.

Find them through the 3rd blue door down, on Chapel Street. Headingley Methodist Church, Leeds, LS6 3HZ.
Open Friday 4-6pm Saturdays 1-4pm.

View the current inventory and create your membership at or pop in and see them.
They would love to be able to open their doors more often and to share more things, so please get in touch if you can spare some time to help or have anything to donate.

Camping gear

Have you thought about camping, don’t have a tent, a sleeping bag or mat. A large part of the expense of a camping trip is all of these things.

Worried that you may buy everything, go camping then realise that you actually don’t like camping. You will have spent your hard earned money on something that now lives in your garage never to be used again.

Buy Nowt LS6 have almost everything you need for a whole family camping trip. Why not join the revolution and borrow everything instead?

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To find out what they have been up to in more detail and see some of the great items available at the Library of Things give them a follow on socials.

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