dress with confidence this autumn

Dress with confidence this autumn

Dress with confidence this autumn

One of the things I like about autumn is the colours. Looking down at your feet with the different leaf colours and a freshness (ok, cold) in the air. Feeling the need to wrap up so you’re nice and toasty!

As the seasons change, our dressing habits change too. You’ve probably started adding layers and the debates are raging on whether to wear your winter coat and have the heating turned up!

Whilst seeking warmth, we peer inside our wardrobes crying out: “I have nothing to wear!” And of course, this isn’t strictly true is it? After all, there are clothes hung up ready to wear. What you actually feel is that you that have nothing appropriate to wear.

It’s a vicious circle. Especially when you think about the retailers and fashion and advertising. If your email is anything like mine, it’s been pinging away with ‘autumn trends’, ‘the transitional piece you need right now’, ‘top ten must have pieces’ and the like since August!

It’s all so tempting, inspiring and seductive. Encouraging you to part with your hard-earned cash. After all, you want to look that good too right? Fashionable. Stylish. On trend.

But, in a couple of months, some of those ‘on trend’ pieces will be in the sale. Because the fashion retailers haven’t sold them, and they need to make way for the next season stock.

Fast fashion is what you find in the stores based on the styles presented at the various Fashion Week runways from around the world. It allows everyday folk to buy the hot new trends at affordable prices. What it also means is mass produced, cheaper, speedier manufacturing, manmade fibres which are more often associated with pollution, waste, throw away items, low wages, and unsafe workplaces.

I find more people becoming environmentally conscious because of this and whichever side of the fence you sit, it hasn’t helped the environment. However, campaigns like #secondhandseptember from Oxfam encouraging people to buy second hand and donate instead of buying new can also inspire people and keeps clothing in circulation and away from landfill. Not everyone can afford to buy brand new clothes so having a cyclical clothing market helps everyone.

Garment quality and price aside, what I find time and time again is that many items are bought without truly knowing and understanding if they will make you look and feel good and feel like ‘you’. We all come in different shapes and sizes. Not to mention different proportions, styling preferences and colouring.

Yves Saint Laurent said: “Fashions fade, style is eternal.”

You don’t need to constantly add things to your wardrobe every year. You might need some updates or tweaks to bring things up to date and items of course will need to be replaced. But, as a good old fashioned Yorkshire girl I believe you can and should get your money’s worth. I call it £s per wear and it’s a simple concept. Buy less and wear more and learn how to re-style pieces you already have to remain current; it’s a simple concept and one that your wallet will thank you for too.

Here are four tips for your autumn audit:

  1. Have a look at what your most worn item of clothing/footwear/accessory has been over the last few months. What have you been living in? What do you love about it? Work out the £s per wear (cost of item divided by the number of times it’s been worn) and consider if it was a good investment. Can you keep wearing it this season if you wear it a different way? A summer dress for example worn with tights or leggings? Maybe a jumper over the top.
  2. Check your wardrobe. Fashion tends to repeat itself, so you may already have that must-have animal print top or cardigan everyone is raving about. It’s just learning how to restyle it.
  3. Make a list. What are the garments you actually need? Identify the specifics: colour, style, shape, fit.
  4. Accessories. Often, a simple tweak to an outfit is with a belt, bag, shoes or a scarf. Even a hat or gloves. These can be cost effective ways to switch up your new look and still look stylish.

Why not treat yourself to my seasonal update in October?

I’ll share what colours, trends and styles to look out for and how to make them work for you. I’ll also share my tips on how to review what you already have in your wardrobe and how to style them up.

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