Embrace Self-Care this winter

Embrace Self-Care this winter

Embrace Self-Care this winter

As the days grow shorter and the temperature drops, we are all not only having to start thinking about the rising costs of fuel, and food but the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. It is no surprise when Christmas goods and cards are already in the shops. While this time of year can bring joy and celebration, it often comes hand in hand with increased stress levels. From shopping for gifts to attending social gatherings and dealing with the added pressures of work, it’s no wonder that the season for stress is upon us. Why not embrace self-care this winter. 

One of the reasons why the holiday season can be particularly stressful is the relentless pace at which we often find ourselves. The pressure to meet deadlines, prepare for gatherings, deal with relationships including family and children as well as manage our daily responsibilities can leave us feeling overwhelmed and mentally drained.

Don’t despair for if you have tried everything there is one thing left to try. Let your body do the talking. The Total Release Experience® Programme offers a powerful solution to this problem by allowing individuals to tap into their body’s natural ability to Release tension stored in their muscle memory and recover from the root cause.

I created this unique Programme, have over 12 years of experience and am #1 author of ‘Feel It To Heal It.’ Read stories of those who transformed their lives.

The Total Release Experience® Programme is a holistic approach to stress management and self-care that focuses on releasing tension from the core of the body. Tension builds from every stressful, overwhelming, and traumatic experience in life that started at birth. The reason so many are suffering and feel out of balance is that tension disrupts the systems of the body. Hence the back, hip, neck shoulder pain, gut problems, lack of sleep, headaches and migraines, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure and so much more. Unlike animals that Release tension immediately we humans have suppressed it. An empowering physical Release promotes relaxation within the body so we can neurogenically Release. A weekly session reduces stress levels and brings ongoing balance on every level. It really is a powerful tool not only for hectic times but also for life.

Don’t take my word for it, let me share:

Data taken from those who completed our Four Module Online Programme was validated by Canterbury Christchurch University: Two key findings;

‘We can be 99% confident that the results to physical, mental and emotional well-being are not due to chance but a genuine statistical effect’.

‘High levels of anxiety and depression down over 60%’

What do clients have to say?

‘My senses felt bright, visual sense was noticeably more alive, brighter is the only word.

Thank you, well led Caroline, nicely paced. I liked that you said something like, “Your body won’t take you to a place of harm” I think you said that a couple of times… spot on, and very helpful. A new life has begun; I can feel that waking.

Brilliant, thank you so much, what a tool we have without knowing.’

A client shares after their first 15-minute Release

‘Support was brilliant, thank you. When I started, I was very sceptical, but after Caroline’s support, I faced my fears, and I’ve now started a continued journey and life skill. Thank you so much.’

‘I wasn’t sure what to expect from the beginning and couldn’t imagine how you could teach something like that without a face-to-face lesson. Your programme is simple, and I felt supported. People have to find the time and believe in themselves.’

On completion of the Programme

Our clients include Cambridgeshire Police, BLG MIND, Kent Fire and Rescue Service, and the Frank Bruno Foundation.

Now with another choice don’t let your stress levels rise for it doesn’t have to be this way. We all have the innate ability to Release, find balance, and resilience to navigate every season with a greater sense of well-being. So, as the stress season approaches, remember to take some time for yourself, and consider self-care as your new healthcare – your body and mind will thank you for it.

Embrace self-care this winter

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Any doubts at all please drop me an email Caroline Purvey Dr (Honorary Causa) Natural Medicine

Email: [email protected]

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