Leeds Business Podcast

New Leeds Business Podcast

New Leeds Business Podcast

Fascinating, impressive and Inspiring Leeds

Are you a Leeds business owner?
Are you looking to start a business?
Are you interested in listening to inspiring people?

This new leeds business podcast is for you

The Leeds Business Podcast is hosted by Phil Fraser. Phil (accidentally) launched, scaled and sold his own business (to a PLC) and is now a Business Sounding Board (think halfway between business coach and business mentor) helping SME Business Owners to NOT be lonely at the top. Phil loves to hear other people’s business journeys. Phil has appeared on 60+ podcasts as a guest and loves listening to people’s business stories.

Phil chats to inspiring, fascinating and super-impressive Leeds business owners, and business owners who originated in Leeds. Founders who have sold their business for millions, start-up founders who have an exciting new product or service, major business owners with the city’s biggest companies, fascinating hidden Leeds businesses and everyone in between… just as long as they have an interesting business journey to share, Phil will be talking to them. Phil will also be speaking to the city’s movers and shakers, and Leeds-based specialists on everything business related.

Each guest will also be offered the opportunity to deliver a unique ‘how to…’ to assist listeners on their own business journey. And they’ll also be invited to give a shout out to a deserving Leeds business that they want to support.

Lifting the lid on the guests’ unique personal business journeys; the ups, the downs, the successes and the failures and their own secret sauce.

“Having appeared in over 60 podcasts myself as a guest this was the natural next step. I love hearing the business journeys of entrepreneurs and founders; the hows, the whys and the ups and downs. I want to share those stories with other Leeds business owners (current and future), and hope they are inspired by them, as well being motivating, educational and entertaining.”

Phil Fraser

When and where can you hear the show?
Leeds Business Podcast is free to listen to and there will a new episode every Wednesday, released at 7.00am and will be available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and everywhere people get their usual podcasts from.
Plus, there is also a YouTube channel at

Examples of the podcast guests so far:

Linda Plant
The Apprentice Queen of Mean

Queen of Mean from TV’s The Apprentice, Linda Plant, tells us about how she grew, sold and then bought back her business for hardly money 18 months later. She shares her five top tips for running a successful business, explains what makes a good business plan and tell us all the secrets from behind the camera from her nine series (and counting) appearances on The Apprentice.

Ajaz Ahmed
Creator of Freeserve

We speak to Ajaz Ahmed who built Freeserve, a company that went from a ‘eureka moment’ to a multi-billion pound valuation in just three years. Ajaz tells us how he did it and the key ingredient that powered its amazing success. He also tells us how you can get amazing FREE marketing advice from supermarkets, why Simon Cowell is the best business advisor and the secret trick to an effective business card.

James Brown
creator of loaded magazine

We speak to James Brown, author, journalist, broadcaster and media entrepreneur and most famous for launching the era-defining lads’ mag Loaded.
In a wide ranging discussion we get to dig deep into his brilliant autobiography ‘Animal House’ and his journey from his Headingley-based home-made fanzine to NME, Loaded, GQ and beyond. He tells us where the inspiration for Loaded came from, how it very nearly didn’t even get past the research stage and how the magazine went from zero to profit in less than 3 months.

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