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Leeds Craftivists

Leeds Craftivists

activism with crochet hooks and paintbrushes

Meet the Leeds Craftivists group tackling climate change – with crochet and community.

Starting in 2020 when we were all crying out for purpose and togetherness, the group met online to learn about issues such as climate change and food justice and think outside the box to tackle them creatively.

Craftivism is all about using the gentle, slow process of craft to catch eyes, spark conversations, and encourage reflection. It’s all about getting creative to help us imagine a better world.

“We know that lots of people want to do something about these issues but don’t know where to start, or are feeling demoralised and hopeless. Craftivism gives us time to reflect and support each other, as well as taking small steps to ask for the systemic changes we need to tackle the climate crisis.”

Anna Bland – Founder

Last year the group created compostable plant pots to send to garden centres, encouraging them to ban peat compost – peat has since been banned from use in compost in the UK. Another action saw members sending Lord Mayor Tracy Brabin painted or embroidered train tickets to a better future, to encourage her to invest in green transport for Leeds after HS2 was cancelled in the city.

The Craftivists took action on the cost-of-living crisis with a gorgeous collection of crafted squares coming together as a large quilt. The inspiring creation encourages leaders to move to green, clean energy, tackle soaring prices and fuel poverty.

“Leeds Craftivists is very positive. It makes me feel I’m not alone in my concerns and enables me to act instead of being overwhelmed.”

Group Member

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Coming up in 2023- biodiversity

The next campaign
The Leeds Craftivists have big plans for their next campaign to encourage biodiversity in Leeds and city centres across the UK.

The clean air we breathe, the waterways in our cities, and the foods we eat all rely on the abundance of creatures who live in them, to keep them healthy and sustain our urban populations. But, thanks to pollution and industrialisation, these ecosystems are being decimated.

Leeds city centre is particularly bad habitat for wildlife, being described by one local councillor as a ‘biodiversity desert’. Join the Craftivists at their upcoming meetings to take action for wildlife in your area!

The biodiversity campaign is now complete – The city of Leeds is buzzing because of Leeds Craftivists! Leeds City Council have granted permission for wildflowers to be planted.


Everyone is welcome to attend the Zoom or in person meetings, the events can be found on or
email [email protected]
In person events are held at Leeds Sanctuary
7pm – 43 The Calls, Leeds LS2 7EY

Leeds Craftivists is a community of Leeds Sanctuary, the Methodist City Centre project, a network of communities, that each begin with encounter and embody sanctuary and justice, through which individuals and the city flourish.

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Leeds Craftivists are part of Leeds Sanctuary:

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