Make greener choices in Leeds

Make greener choices in Leeds

Make greener choices in Leeds

Meet the Roundhay Environmental Action Project – known locally as REAP.

REAP is a charity set up in 2007 by a group of residents concerned about the impact of climate change. Their basic aim is to support and encourage the local community and individual residents to take practical local action against this threat.

In the early days they were concerned to raise awareness as the issue of climate change was not very high up the global political agenda – despite mounting scientific evidence about dangerous levels of global warming and the potential for irreversible damage to our environment and lifestyle.

They started small with a monthly farmers’ market at Oakwood to support local farmers and producers and encourage seasonal eating, minimise food miles and to draw attention to the damage done by unnecessary plastic packaging. The market continues successfully on every third Saturday in the month at the Oakwood Clock.

As the market became embedded in the local scene the aims expanded in the following ways:

  • to increase local awareness of the actions needed to combat the climate emergency
  • to reduce carbon emissions locally
  • to help people move forward and make lifestyle changes using renewable resources whilst creating less waste
  • to protect our local natural environment and increase biodiversity

… and just as importantly, to help build a sense of community because we are all in this together and everyone can get involved and play a part!

REAP now have a strong track record of achievements as a result of their varied events and activities ranging from tree planting in Roundhay Park, developing and maintaining the edible bed at the Oakwood Clock to encourage people to grow their own food, wildflower planting, plant and seed swaps, the annual Open Gardens, producing maps of footpaths and cycling routes, providing information on alternative energy sources, work with local schools, films, talks and much more… they even made a film about climate change – watch ‘Climate Blues – The Unbearable Truth’ on YouTube.

REAP is a membership organisation which is free to join. The trustees are keen to boost member numbers as this increases the impact as a campaigning force to contacts with local councillors, our MP, and with other organisations.

Current and recent activities have included writing to the President of COP 26 to convey the hopes of local residents for the outcomes of the Glasgow conference, liaising with Leeds City Council on information for homeowners about alternatives to domestic gas, and objecting to the expansion of Leeds Bradford Airport in support of Group for Action on Leeds Bradford Airport (GALBA).

Why not join today as a mark of your commitment to the cause and find opportunities to get involved. Joining is easy via the website:

REAP have active WhatsApp groups focusing on key topics for the local community which cut across such issues as re-wilding, sustainable energy usage and waste reduction, where you can take practical action and meet other like-minded people.

You can stay up-to-date with activities to get involved in by following REAP on Facebook or by signing up for the email newsletter.

reap helping residents make greener choices in leeds

Becoming a member is free:
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