headline tips for linkedin

Headline tips for LinkedIn

Headline tips for LinkedIn

If you’ve been using my LinkedIn tips from THAT LEEDS MAG so far your profile could be looking professional and easy to understand.

Here’s another tip to help potential customers or employers find you.

240 characters of opportunity not to be missed on your LinkedIn headline

The LinkedIn headline is the section at the top of your profile, allowing you to utilise 240 characters to make an impact when it comes to first impressions.

Your headline also appears next to your name in search results. It should entice readers to click on your profile, so it makes sense to create something unique and engaging.

Most LinkedIn users simply input their job title. Such a missed opportunity!

Your LinkedIn headline has 3 important uses:

  1. It helps you get found
    Your potential clients need to find you (from LinkedIn or Google).
  2. Retains attention
    What kind of headline would retain your audience’s attention?
  3. Shows who you are
    What does your headline say about you as a person?

What I see more often than not is the job title headline

It doesn’t get more boring than this.

No one really cares about your job title. It says nothing about you, your personality or what problem you solve for your clients.

You have 240 characters available to you in your LinkedIn headline to show your audience your personality, engage with them and tell them who you are and what you offer quickly and efficiently.

Every character counts!

LinkedIn headline content ideas

You could include your unique selling point? (USP) What makes you stand out from the other individuals in your industry?

Talk about a product or service you can provide which solves a particular problem.
Your profile has been seen for a reason. Engage, ask your audience a question about the problem you might fix that they have found you for.
Add some keywords to help you get found, exactly like you would for search engine optimisation (SEO) on a website. For example if location is key (e.g. Leeds) make sure to use this in your header somewhere.

Why not give it a go yourself?

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