South Asian Arts Summer 2023

South Asian Arts Summer 2023

South Asian Arts Summer 2023

SAA-UK’S Summer Season is here!

Showcasing a Spectacular Line-up of Global Artists.

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We are thrilled to bring to Leeds an array of spectacular experiences as colourful and diverse as the breadth of South Asian music and dance.

Wednesday, 21st June – Thursday, 22nd June 2023 at Leeds Corn Exchange:

Capturing the dreamy essence of Summer Solstice, SAA-uk and LEEDS 2023 are thrilled to announce the much-anticipated return of the beloved Summer Solstice Festival, now in its 12th year. From the mystery laden hours of dusk till the heavenly glow of dawn, the legendary Corn Exchange transforms into a portal that takes you across the world, with artists bringing the music and cultural traditions from South Asia to the Middle East to Leeds in celebration of summer’s arrival. Among the exciting names confirmed for the line-up is award-winning rabab player, Qais Essar, acclaimed santoor player, Kaviraj Singh, and Sardar Satinderpal Singh, who will grace the event with the soul-stirring sounds of the sarangi. Whether the tempting music and glorious atmosphere is so charming that missing even a moment of this experience is unthinkable, or you wish to drop in by the light of the sun or even the moon to catch a glimpse at the spectacle, feel free to pop in and out as you wish.

Providing spectacular cultural experiences for the whole of Leeds to enjoy is important to us. That’s why this magical celebration of music and summer is a pay-as-you-feel event, which along with all our other events ensures that everyone can take part.

Saturday, 1st July 2023 at The Sikh Centre:

Our Raag & Taal Masterclasses are designed to give you the opportunity to deepen your skill and understanding of South Asian Classical music, so that you are equipped to take the reins and flourish in your own practice. Take this opportunity to learn from Ustad Dharambir Singh MBE and his guests – visiting musicians Ustad Nasir Khan and Nabeel Khan.

Sunday, 9th July 2023 at The Carriageworks Theatre:

All year long, SAA-uk’s talented Dance Academy students have inspired and mesmerised with their hard work and dedication to learning all about South Asian dance. So, in celebration of their wonderful achievements as we bring a brilliant academic year to a close, join us for an electric, fun-filled showcase of North and South Indian dance ‘Parampara -imparted from Guru to Disciple’ as presented by our wonderful Kathak and Bharatanatyam students. Sharing the stage with them is an impressive line-up of professional dancers who will bring their cultural pride and diverse art to Leeds, with Bhangra, Garba, Odissi, and much more.

Saturday, 22nd July 2023 at The Venue, Leeds Conservatoire:

There’s no greater way to spend a dreamy summer evening than basking in the beautiful melodies of South Asian classical music. And even better yet, our wonderful academy students are leading this musical showcase, bringing all the more joy and excitement to warm your hearts and put you in the sunniest of spirits. So, whether you are a parent, friend or world music enthusiast, this wholesome evening is one not to be missed!

Sunday 6th – Friday 11th August 2023 at Nishkam Nursery:

Creating unforgettable memories is what we do at Summer School, and with our brilliant team of talented musicians who create a nurturing environment, youngsters are inspired and intrigued to discover and develop new hobbies. It’s a time for adventure and excitement. And with so many possibilities of instruments and musical disciplines to discover, you will find that whether you want to try your hand at the tabla, you are intrigued by the sitar, or singing is where your heart lies, there is so much freedom to explore new musical worlds.

Saturday, 12th August 2023 at Seven Arts:

And for the big finale that draws this vibrant season of music and dance to a close, we are bringing you the perfect blend of Indian classical and contemporary music in a Summer’s Evening, with Canadian sitarist and composer Mohamed Assani. Where ancient mingles with modernity and the future of musical innovation glows as bright as the summer sky, we celebrate the past, present, and future lineage of South Asian culture this South Asian Heritage Month.

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About us: South Asian Arts-uk (SAA-uk) is a renowned organization dedicated to promoting and preserving the vibrant music and dance traditions of South Asia. Through various events and initiatives, we aim to create a platform for artists and communities to come together and celebrate the rich heritage of the region. Our organization strives to foster cultural understanding, appreciation, and unity through the power of arts and culture.

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