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Start 2021 with a more eco-friendly outlook

Start 2021 with a more eco-friendly outlook

Sadly Seagulls no longer offer a refill service for liquids. But you can still purchase your paint.

Below are a list of Leeds refill stores.

Seagulls Paint came on board to advertise in THAT LEEDS MAG in November and I was more than happy to design their advert for them. Doing my research to make sure that the ad reflected what they do and their brand I discovered that they are also a liquid refill store. I went over to visit them to find out more.

The paint store is an Aladdin’s Cave of paints and varnishes in every shade and colour you can imagine. I don’t think I will ever go anywhere else again for paint.

The liquid refill part of the store feels like a secret room filled with lotions and potions.

How it works:

1. Bring a clean plastic or glass container

2. Weigh the empty container in store

3. In the refill room select a product from the wide range available and fill your container

4. Reweigh at the till, where they deduct the container weight and you are charged by the gram

I noticed that there is a wide range of shampoos, conditioners and body washes available, Lavender & Geranium, Grapefruit & Aloe, Coconut to name a few. These are Suma products which are all free from parabens, triclosan or phthalates and are vegan friendly. Basically, good for the environment and gentle on your skin.

To get started you will need to be a little organised, just like we all are with our plastic shopping bags now. Keep the plastic bottles that accumulate in your home over the next month. When you are nearly out of a product take a trip to a refill store with your empty bottle and try to change the way you shop. It does take a while to adapt this new way of shopping but super friendly staff are always around to help you.

Seagulls also offer refills of laundry liquid, surface cleaner, washing up liquid and fabric softener all from the Ecoleaf brand.

Cat Hyde, Co-manager at Seagulls has kindly provided an image and some prices to give us an idea of what to expect at the till.

liquid refill product images

Prices are for sizes as shown.

  • Shower Gel: £2
  • Fabric Conditioner £6.50
  • Hand Sanitiser £1.50
  • Multi-surface Spray £1.20
  • Washing-up Liquid £1.16

Seagulls Covid update: We are currently using a hatch service so please visit: and browse our products, bring your empty bottles to the hatch and we will fill them for you.

A great tip

If you are running low on something, you can weigh the bottle you have with your remaining product in it and only pay for the top up weight.

engage our kids

Bring your children and grandchildren with you and teach that refilling can be fun and rewarding, in every sense. They are our future, they are our planet’s future. It is up to us to make refilling the norm for the next generations.

find your nearest refill store

There are quite a few refill stores around Leeds, some of which also offer dry food ingredients.

Store List from:
Plus, many local greengrocers will now only sell their goods in paper bags, which is brilliant.

Find out more about our plastic usage:

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