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Surplus to Purpose

Surplus to Purpose

save money and help food reduce waste

Surplus To Purpose is an environmental social enterprise which focuses on reducing waste. We intercept surplus products and redistribute them through various activities. From event catering, to supplying schools, we operate 7 days a week to expose the issues on global waste, whilst educating and empowering through our inclusive spaces.

Our Surplus Supermarket is where you can Build-A-Box.
Find us: Surplus To Purpose, Surplus Supermarket, Arcadia Group, Burton Business Park, Torre/Trent Road, Leeds, LS9 7DN

  • Find Torre Road, and turn onto Trent Road – vehicles only (it’s a demolition site, therefore we have to follow the rules of health & safety on site)
  • Go through the security barrier and follow the strict one-way system.
  • Park on the left hand side.
  • Walk on the right hand side ONLY.
  • Press the bell to gain entry.
  • Take a crate (or as many as you like)
  • A full box is just £14 and you get to choose what’s in it (half boxes are £8).
  • We are contactless ONLY.
    Eat the contents basking in the glory of knowing you got a great deal and helped stop surplus food going to waste!

It’s that easy!

Let’s #SToPWastingFood
For volunteering opportunities, catering inquiries, and for our online Surplus Toys-R-Us shop, go to our website to find out more:

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