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Winter Friends

Winter Friends

‘Winter Friends’ encourages people to extend support into warmer months.

Kind-spirited people across Leeds are being encouraged to look out for the vulnerable in their communities even as the weather warms up and government restrictions ease.

Leeds City Council’s Winter Friends campaign, which encourages people across the city to look out for others, is now extending its initiative into Spring and Summer.

“Even though the weather is getting warmer and we’re hopefully coming to the end of a very difficult period of time for everyone, there are still vulnerable people in communities across Leeds that need support.

The Winter Friends Leeds campaign is all about showing kindness and compassion to the people who need it most. Certain difficulties that winter can bring, can also be a problem in hot weather and extreme heat.

During the pandemic, many people have suffered with isolation and loneliness more than usual, and really need support to get back on their feet whilst finding some normality again.”

Winter Friends Coordinator Michelle Budd

Winter Friends Leeds is now into its 2nd year with around 200 people and organisations that have so far taken the pledge to support vulnerable individuals and groups, such as people living with frailty, long-term illness and disability, as well as pregnant women, and families with young children.
Anyone can be a Winter Friend, whether it’s picking up some essential items, collecting prescriptions or dropping off a tasty treat for someone to show you care, a little kindness can go a long way.


To find out more or to show your support head to or follow our social media.

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