Hashtag tips to get noticed on LinkedIn

Hashtag tips to get noticed on LinkedIn

Have you ever created a post on LinkedIn, and been incredibly frustrated
with the lack of views or reach the post gets?

Including relevant hashtags will help with views! But, on LinkedIn too many and your posts will look ‘spammy’. Here are a few tips and tricks to get you started.

Being discovered via your content is critical to your success on LinkedIn

A hashtag is any combination of letters or numbers that follow the # symbol.

They are part of the magic key ingredients to get your posts in front of thousands of people!

On LinkedIn they serve as a signal about what type of information the post contains and who to show it to.
Your potential clients could be following some location, industry or topic related hashtags, this gives the LinkedIn algorithm the opportunity to show your posts to them.

For example on LinkedIn (figures from Jan 2022):
3439 accounts follow – #leeds
980 accounts follow – #yorkshire
125 accounts follow – #westyorkshire
3,669,094 accounts follow – #business
20,339,667 accounts follow – #marketing

You might be filling your Instagram and Twitter posts with plenty of hashtags, make sure you post NO MORE THAN 5 when it comes to LinkedIn.

I’ve done plenty of research over the years. Many people will say that 10 is the maximum, but in my opinion, any more than 5 hashtags will risk you being considered spam by the LinkedIn algorithm and your posts will not be shared widely.

When you’re creating content on LinkedIn, try to include your hashtags within your copy text.
For example, as you are writing a sentence, you can include #business related hashtag. See what I did in this example below? The hashtag was actually part of the text.

This looks great and shows that you have put effort into ensuring your hashtag is relevant to your content.


Remember this is a professional platform. Quirky hashtags that might mean a lot to you might not be relevant to the 750 million LinkedIn users.
Go where the big numbers are!
If you want to see the top LinkedIn hashtags, you can visit my web page which is updated on a weekly basis!

Go for the BIG ONES!

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